Posición: Supervisor RH (Florido)
Tipo de empleo: Permanente
Tipo jornada: Full-time
Industria: Recursos Humanos
Experiencia: Human Resource
Localización: Tijuana
Fecha de publicación: 24-05-2022
Identificador oferta: 36297
Nombre de contacto: Gabriela Lopez
Número de teléfono: +526649694600
Email de contacto: Gabriela.lopez@napsmexico.com



  • Develops Labor Management Processes and Procedures (Internal Work Regulations, Individual and/or Collective Contracts). Has the Legal Representation of the Company Before the Corresponding Authorities. Authorizes and can Perform Personnel Dismissals. When the Company has a Collective Work Contract (Union), can be responsible for interpreting and recommending Labor Policies related to Collective Negotiations.
  • Can be Responsible for the Company’s Safety and Security Systems.
  • Develops and Analyzes the Performance of the Human Resources Function by means of several indicators such as: Turnover, Absenteeism, Employee Seniority and Educational Levels, Organizational Climate Surveys, etc. to Measure, Monitor, and Detect Significant Trends.
  • Acts as a Strategic Partner in the Implementation of the Organizational Culture designing Policies for Organizational Communication to Inform and to Motivate the Company’s Personnel.
  • Can be Responsible before Mexican Immigration for the documentation of Non-Mexican Employees in the Plant.
  • Participate in the Payroll Process verifying updates (Hiring’s, Dismissals, and Modifications, Vacations, Time off from work, Workers on Sick Leave, etc.) for Data Entry and/or Payroll Formulation.
  • Manages and follows up the Recruiting, Selection and Hiring Processes according to the Organization’s Needs.
  • Manages Services provided to Employees such as: Work Certificates, Employee Transportation, Cafeteria or Eating Area Services, Medical Services, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, FONACOT (National Fund for Worker’s Purchases on Credit), INFONAVIT (National Fund for Workers Housing), IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute) Accident Forms, Low Cost Benefits, Etc.



  • Professional Degree 
  • More than +3 Years in Human Resources. 
  • LEVEL OF ENGLISH FLUENCY: Advanced (Reading and Writing that allow fluent communication)
  • Experience with Talent Acquisition and Management.
  • Headcount Planning and knowledge in labor law.
  • Metrics management.