Titulo de empleo: Analista de Costos
Tipo de Empleo: Permanente
Tipo de vacío: Full-time
Skills: accounting cost
Empleo publicado: 05-01-2021
Identificador del Empleo: 34029
Nombre de contacto: Tania Sandoval
Número de telefono: 9694400
Email de contacto: tania.sandoval@napsmexico.com

Descripción del Empleo





Installs and maintains the Cost System that provides relevant and accurate cost information required for decision making. 



1. - Applies the principals of Accounting and Statistics to install and maintain Systems that provide information on Detailed Costs that are not necessarily provided by Accounting Systems. 

2. - Plans the Installation as well as directs the cost system that provides current costs and reports according to records on the purchase cost of raw materials, labor, depreciation and overhead to determine the Unit Costs. 

3. - Analyzes changes in design, raw materials, manufacturing methods as well as salaries to determine their effect on Production Costs. 

4. - Provides Management with reports that can be used as a basis for decisions on pricing and to maintain or cancel items within the Companys Line of Products. 5.- Complies with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Financial Function. 



EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: CPA or Degree or Industrial Engineer


EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: 3 to 5 Years of Manufacturing Cost Experience.


LEVEL OF ENGLISH FLUENCY: Intermediate /advanced. 

COMPUTER USAGE: Advanced (Use of Office: Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Etc.) and/or Application Programs.

-Requires an understanding of the Company’s Product Lines, Manufacturing Operations, Equipment Utilization and Material Requirements.

-Can formulate and Control the Company’s Budget. 


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