Titulo de empleo: Plant Manager
Tipo de Empleo: Permanente
Tipo de vacío: Full-time
Industria: Manufacturing and Production
Empleo publicado: 16-07-2019
Identificador del Empleo: 32669
Nombre de contacto: Laura Lopez
Email de contacto: laura.lopez@napsmexico.com

Descripción del Empleo

Plant Manager


• Responsible for Managing the Industrial Organization.
Participates in establishing the objectives and strategies that will determine the Company’s Strategic Direction.

• Based on goal and plan, make yearly/quarterly/monthly quality target and work plan. Formulates, Negotiates and Manages the Organization’s Objectives and Budgets, as well as the Strategies and Action Plans to achieve those Objectives. Validates and Authorizes Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Company.

• Based on the sales forecast, support production managers to arrange human-machine capacity and appropriate production scheduling, to ensure quality and quantity and to complete production tasks on time.

• Control the cost and pay attention to the gross profit rate of the company. Audit the daily affairs of personnel movement, expenditure, assets entry and exit, etc.

• Determines and Executes Administrative Policies through subordinate Managers.

• Insures the Optimal Operation of Departments within the Organization such as: Production, Quality, Finance, Materials, Engineering, Maintenance, Human Resources, etc.

• Promote the automation and equipment of production.

• Responsible for Selecting, Training, Motivating and Developing his/her staff as well as acting as a facilitator. Also Responsible for promoting and maintaining Interdepartmental harmony.

• Represents the Organization in Industrial, Commercial or Service Trade Associations to develop an acceptance of the Company, as well as to detect situations or trends that can affect the Organization.

• Has the organization’s general power of attorney.

• The authority of the position is: establishment of the plant policies, staffing, the approval and decision of the personnel, finance and all the other related departments.


EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree required in Engineering, preferred and a Master’s Degree is a plus.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Minimum 10 years responsibility for Manufacturing in a related industry and 7 years responsibility for Plant Management

Bachelor degree in engineering or sciences. Master degree is desired

Experience in the medical device industry


Availability to travel abroad

Fully bilingual (English/Spanish)